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Window HQ’s window and door installation process in California and Nevada is comprehensive, reliable, and completely customizable. From the planning to final installation to ongoing care, our team will handle everything for you. We are a totally certified and authorized company that believes in educating our clients on the process and the value of the windows and doors they are investing in for their homes or businesses.
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Getting Started

The Initial Showroom Consultation

When you visit our showroom, we will get started right away. You will have the opportunity to explore our gorgeous showroom during a one-on-one tour with one of our experts. We believe in giving you our full attention, so when we meet, it will be a personalized project consultation where you can show us pictures of your project space. Our experts will discuss with you the different brands and features of each brand to help you pick out the products and materials that will meet your needs and match your design intentions and installation needs.
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Final Preparation

The Complete Installation Process

Our window and door installation process is entirely comprehensive. From start to finish, our experts will be with you every step of the way. Our team will help you plan the perfect design, ensure that it is viable, install all the necessary components, and make sure that everything works properly.
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In-Home Consultation

After the showroom consultation, we will visit your residence and take exact measurements of the project spaces. At this time, we will go more in-depth with you about your wants and needs and make recommendations based on them.
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Measurements & Engineering

During the in-home consultation, we will relay all critical measurements and specifications to our in-house engineer for the best and most accurate preparation. We will also provide solutions to any necessary structural changes for the project.
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Drafting & Design

Together, we will create customized drawings so that you can clearly see and understand the vision of the project design that we have come up with during our meetings.
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Waterproofing & Installations

With 39 years of experience behind us, we are highly efficient and organized when it comes to waterproofing and installation. We pay close attention to the critical details, we always follow the manufacturer's requirements, and we are responsive to our clients throughout the process.
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Warranty & Service

We only use products that are manufacturer warrantied. If you need service on your windows or doors after installation, we will schedule Warranty Servicing for you as needed.
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Accredited Instructors & Certified Installer

As Installation Masters Accredited Instructors and Certified Installers, we're committed to delivering all industry-accepted installation practices and guidelines for home windows and doors to guarantee exceptional results.

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